Easy like Sunday morning


Okay so toady is such a lazy day for me and my family. I planned for us to get up and go to church today. We got up but didn’t make it out the door to church!! LOL My husband is eating lucky charms and I and sitting here writing in my blog. The Kids… well they are tearing up their room and having fun. I love these kind of days! No work, and no stress. Tomorrow is another day and a start of a new work week and I am really not looking forward to it. But hey I gotta keep the money rolling in some type of way. Okay enough with the pleasantness. I am so annoyed about the fact that I am on this new HCG diet and I have only lost 11 pounds and 15 days. I am practically starving myself and I am not making any kind of dramatic drops in my weight!!! I am on a serious mission with this weight loss, I gotta get my beach body back. Having kids made my body go to a place where I never wanted to go ever. I am claiming my body back and I will never give it back to the fat bug!!! LMAO I know I can do, I have got to stay focused and keep to my goal. People pray for me!!